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Autumn Air Conditioning and Heating provides quality air conditioning service and repair options for every home. We have been in the HVAC industry for over 14 years. We repair and provide warranty options for all residential AC systems. Some of the most common being Bryant, Carrier, Trane, Goodman, Rheem, Comfortmaker, Ruud, Ameristar, Nordyne, Maytag and many more!

New AC system installation.

At Autumn Air most systems can be repaired but if the day finally comes that you need a new AC system we are here to help. We are a preferred Bryant family of Carrier dealer.

Our customers are seeing a savings of $1000 to as high as $1500 by switching to Autumn Air. What’s the catch? No catch. We bring the value home with integrity and honest upfront business practices to your doorstep.

Why pay for an AC companies’ overhead cost while they send you their lowest ranked level AC technician to come to your home? And possibly leave you with a headache and an incorrect diagnosis of the highest priced appliance in your home!

Don’t be fooled by competitors’ flashy sales tactics. We provide an accurate diagnostic with up front repair option pricing by a drug tested, background checked, NATE and EPA Certified Technician. And, satisfaction is always guaranteed with our money back guarantee.


AC Tune Up

Our AC Tune Up includes a licensed HVAC technician that will perform the following tests and services and much more.

  • Calibrate your thermostat
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Lubricate moving parts,
  • Check voltage/current on compressor/fan motors
  • Check, sanitize, and deodorize filters

Why do I need a maintenance?
Air conditioning manufacturers recommend an AC tune up every 6 months. Let’s face it not all of us are up to date with all of our home maintenance related items. In terms of Air Conditioners this can lead to costly avoidable repairs. Many of our holiday or weekend emergency service calls are due to maintenance issues. We’ll help you avoid this with our AC Tune Up.



Things don’t always go as planned right after a major AC repair or installation. With this being the norm for any mechanical machine, we provide a 90-day warranty on any part installed by Autumn Air Conditioning and Heating. This covers the part installed from any defect or issue for 90 days. Full AC system installations carry a 10 year hassle free parts warranty and a 1 year full part and labor warranty.

All Bryant systems come with a 10-year manufacturers parts warranty. A parts warranty from Bryant will cover all parts that may suffer from a mechanical or electrical issue within 10 years. No small print. Any part that fails on your AC system within the 10-year coverage span is completely covered.

100% money back guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with our service after we have made every effort to rectify any problems, we will return your investment in full.

Here When You Need us

If your AC system breaks down during a summer day, our team will get it up and running again. Our drug tested, background checked, NATE and EPA Certified Technicians are here when you need us. Trust Autumn Air Conditioning and Heating to provide the best value every time.

Call Us at (407)815-4999 to book your next service or preventative maintenance.


Here are some of the most common issues to watch out for.

1. Dirty Drain Pan or Clogged Drain line. This is the most common and is usually identified with water damage or a blank thermostat indicating the systems emergency backup float switch has been triggered or tripped.

2. Blocked Condenser Coil. This pertains to the coil located at the outdoor condenser unit and usually comes from the accumulation of dirt, sand, rain + sand combination, pollen, and construction dust/debris. The result is typically the high-pressure switch located within the condenser will trip from overworking attempting to breathe through the blocked coils.

3. Bad Capacitor. Your HVAC guy says your capacitor is on the fritz. Here’s how you know he’s right:

  • The volt meter says there are too few microfarads. All capacitors are rated in microfarads. For example, yours might be rated for 35 microfarads with a range of plus or minus 10. If it dips below 25, a voltmeter will tell your HVAC technician that it’s time to replace it.
  • It’s swollen like a balloon. When the capacitor is really far gone (and by the time we find them, they often are), it will swell up. Your capacitor might be bad even if it is not swollen. But it is common for a bad capacitor to swell. It will look like someone packed too much material into the tube and bulging at the sides.
  • The capacitor leaks oil. This doesn’t always happen, but bad capacitors frequently have oil leaking out of them. A leaky capacitor = a capacitor that’s past its prime.

Sometimes, an old, rusty-looking capacitor will still read at the appropriate level of microfarads. It really comes down to the voltmeter reading, physical swelling, and/or the presence of oil.

There are really two times we’re most likely going to find a bad capacitor. The first is when your AC quits and you’re sweating like crazy inside your home. Something is the matter and, lo and behold, it’s the capacitor. After we replace it, the AC runs again. The other time – and this is what you want to happen – is during our cooling season maintenance inspection.

And there you go! That’s how you know you need a new AC capacitor.

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